Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat strategy may seem quite complicated, but it is in fact a fairly simple game. However, understanding the rules of the casino game is crucial for baccarat mastery. And unlike other card games, there are relatively few systems that have been developed specifically for Baccarat. The few systems that are around are not guaranteed to work all of the time.

The main reason why these systems are not that effective is that the game has no specific pattern that would help you achieve a victory even if you manage to count the cards successfully. While counting cards is not totally useless, it is simply not worth the time and effort. Furthermore, the deck is typically shuffled after each hand in most modern casinos.

The most popular method used to beat baccarat involves doubling your bet after losing a hand. For example: if you lose a 5-dollar bet, your next bet would be 10 dollars. If you lose that one as well, the third bet is for 20 dollars. If you win the third bet, you win 20 dollars and keep your bet, so you have a total of 40 dollars! This system generally works all the time, barring the table maximum of course.